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Author: Bill George

Plant a Seed

Plant a seed. Watch it Grow. These words adorn the side of the community center on Georgia Street in the Airport Sub neighborhood in District 3. This area of Detroit is scattered with burned out, collapsing and abandoned homes. The blight doesn’t fill the block…

Setting Clear Expectations

Expectations. They come from others, they come from yourself and overall they can be very stress-inducing.   It’s understandable why they result in stress. Stress is a natural response that drives action. Correctly set expectations help drive behavior in order to accomplish goals. So, expectations…

LTD — Go Long

The biggest “secret” to success is the ability to delay short-term comfort in order to maximize long term gain. The reason it’s a “secret” is because even though it’s right in front of us, we choose not to admit it because that would mean accepting…

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