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Focus on What’s in Front of You

I like to think about the big picture.

I always try to connect the dots and think outside the box, by shifting and putting things back together in a different light.

This is a positive skill because it allows me to understand the dynamics of how the world works.

Though, as with many things, you can over-do it. This type of mindset can hold you back. It’s often hard to make progress when your head is constantly in the clouds at a 10,000 foot view.

It’s super important, especially when you’re responsible for the outcome of an initiative and there are others involved, to keep everything in perspective. BUT, you have to focus on what’s in front of you.

If you lose sight of what’s going on today and what the next step is, you can look as far into the future and at the biggest picture possibly, but you’ll never get there.

This is why “taking baby steps” is such a common expression. Many people scoff at baby steps because it sounds like you’re not making that much progress.

Think a little differently. Who said you can’t take the baby steps super quickly?

A ton of baby steps adds up to the big leaps.

Keep your eyes high in the sky, but keep your nose to the grind.

Curious. Creative. Passionate.

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