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Planning Your Day

What’s the first thing you do when you start your day?

I’m not talking about your breakfast, shower or even morning workout. I’m talking about your day of work.

Do you get to work and just dive right in? That might feel like the right thing to do — jump right into what you need to do and get the ball rolling. However, that approach doesn’t allow for much  vision. Until recently I would just log on, check my email, read the news and just open some analysis I was working on without really setting any plan for my day. It’s easy to skip a plan in a day and age when there are a million things that will likely derail the plan even if you make it. Don’t let that fact fool you. Making the plan still helps by providing clarity and accountability which helps you say no to things that aren’t priorities.

Here at Elite we are all about setting big goals and living dreams rather than just dreaming them. In order to make progress, you need to be aware of these goals and then further you need to chunk them out into smaller bites. If the goal is to finish a painting in the next month, it helps to have an idea of what parts of the painting process need to be done by which deadlines. No matter how big your goal is or how long the time-horizon is, breaking it down day-by-day will provide you with a better chance of success.

Take some time to plan out your day, so that you can live a lifetime according to your plan.

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