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Setting Clear Expectations


They come from others, they come from yourself and overall they can be very stress-inducing.


It’s understandable why they result in stress. Stress is a natural response that drives action. Correctly set expectations help drive behavior in order to accomplish goals. So, expectations are a vital part of any goal or relationship so that the parties involved are able to communicate and understand the future.

With that being said, expectations can also cause a destructive form of stress. This occurs when the expectations are not clear. Without a benchmark, how can you measure success? There is no way to assess your progress or understand your priorities. Without clear expectations, people begin to expect too much of themselves or others and relationships (both internal and external) are put at risk, while progress towards goals takes a hit.


This is something we are focused on as a team here at Elite. Here’s what we’ve learned over the course of our Summer ’17 community projects.


  • Clarity drives accountability
    • It’s easier to make excuses when you leave yourself grey area.
    • You are more inclined to accomplish a task when your team knows what you’re working on.
  • People know what to expect
    • You won’t surprise them for the worse
    • Efforts that go above and beyond will be noticed more
  • Prioritization and planning are improved
    • It makes it easier to decide what to do next
    • You can decide whether or not you have enough time to commit to the task


So take the extra time, whether with your own life or your team, and make sure you’re setting clear expectations.





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