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Elite is about Living the Dream


 Our Vision is a more fulfilling life for anyone.

Our mission is to promote and develop an elite growth culture, starting in Detroit, MI.

Our objective is to help people live fulfilling lives. We believe that a fulfilling life is founded on a sense of accountability and a tendency to take initiative. By focusing on personal development, we seek to strengthen communities by fostering human connections where wisdom and talents can be shared.  

 We focus on fundamentals in order to simplify the question of "how does one live a fulfilling life?" and our "3 Arrows" provide simple yet powerful reminders of how we should all be thinking and acting. These guiding principles serve as a basis for a dynamic culture centered around accountability and initiative.

EliteDET stands for growth. It is a culture centered around reaching higher for yourself, your family and your community. We exist as a company in order to promote a fundamental cultural framework that is agreeable to the masses, but yields elite results when adopted. EliteDET is the idea that anyone can grow and achieve if they take initiative and take control. It encompasses the cliches of putting one foot in front of the other and focusing on what you can control.

By creating the EliteDET brand to promote this concept, we seek to reach people who are looking to grow and provide them tools, connections and direction. By gathering like-minded people with similar fundamental goals, we expect the development of a dynamic and emergent culture. We seek to facilitate this development by functioning as a hub for expression, debate and experimentation. In general, we act as a catalyst for cultural growth on a large scale.

We envision a greater Detroit. A Detroit that the world hoists up as a model of elite culture.

Elite is by the people, and for the people.


We're building a network of people who believe that the best is yet to come

Without our team, we would be nothing. It is the desire to have an impact on our community while living fulfilling and challenging lives that binds us together. Our team is built of many different types of individuals with a varying degree of experiences. We unite because we all believe in each other and we all believe in Detroit.

Meet The Elite Corps

Our Leadership Team 

Bill George - Director

Amith Diwakar - Growth

Paul Pinet - Outreach

Eric Anderson - Design

Andres Morales - Accounting

Micah Schlief - Content

Gerald Daniel - The Plug

Our Resident Contributors

William Bass - Consulting

Ani Madukar - Photography

Kiren Gopal - Consulting

David Shammas - Artist

Erin Kruczek - Artist

Scott Eberline - Videographer


Meet our Partners

Resurge Detroit // Voltage Elite // Detroit Hives

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