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Blast Off! – 3.13.2016


5 Years.


That’s how long the idea for this project has been formulating and evolving. Obviously, it didn’t look the same back in 2011, but the underlying concept remains:

Create something that connects people to Detroit and that can have a lasting impact.

 Here we are, 5 years later, finally launched and ready to make an impact.


Our mission is to inspire people to believe in themselves, in each other and in Detroit. To empower them with creativity, open-mindedness and grind in order to build an elite city. 

We want to harness the power of branding and the personal connection people have with what they wear. In our society, people define who they are by what they consume. Further, they wear clothes that embody their personality, style and identity. Thus in designing clothes that are rooted in the ideals that will drive progress and innovation for our great city, we create a means to communicate these ideals in an extremely relatable way. Brands thrive when they can effectively and concisely communicate messages and ideas, because people can easily identify what they stand for.

We are here to communicate a message, a lifestyle, a State of Grind.


I am excited to finally launch this project and start executing what we have been conceiving in our heads for years. It is going to be an amazing journey, and I’m excited for what the future has in store for us here in Detroit.


-Bill George

Curious. Creative. Passionate.

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