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ELITE Hockey – 25 Straight




That’s what I say when people ask me where I’m from – and they know exactly what I’m talking about.


Detroit is the hub for hockey here in the U.S. – ¬†with the most cups, the best fans and the coolest logo. Oh, and we’ve also been to the playoffs every year for the last 25 years.
Over the last 25 years we’ve been graced with some of best players to ever lace up a pair of skates. Yzerman, Lidstrom, Hull, Chelios, Datsyuk, Larianov, Fedorov, Shanahan, Hasek – I really don’t have the space to list them all. These superstars were only made better by the Hall of Fame coaches they had behind the bench in Bowman and Babcock. We’ve been blessed with some of the best hockey the world has ever seen – right here in Detroit, Michigan.


Over the past couple of years, I’ve continued to hear fans upset with our progress and left wanting more. It bugged me for a long time and I thought, “How could you be so ungrateful, when your team has never missed the playoffs the entire time you’ve been alive!?” As we finally backed our way into the playoffs after the final game this season, I realized that this attitude contributes to our elite status. Our city isn’t satisfied with mediocrity, and while 25 straight playoff appearances is a truly amazing feat, we want more!


Some are weary of the team’s future, as the salary cap and our consistent middle of the road draft picks make it harder for us to achieve the same level of success we’re accustomed to.
Although it wasn’t pretty, we made it to the playoffs – we kept the dream alive. Jeff Blashill comes to us with success in Grand Rapids and plenty of lessons learned from Babcock over his tenure. We have a true superstar in Dylan Larkin, coming from our local rinks as a pee-wee to the playing alongside the superstars he watched growing up. Our new arena marks a new era in Wings hockey that will surely be filled with challenges, but don’t forget, there were always challenges – the Wings just overcame them.


As we look to the future of our franchise, we must take a moment to reflect on our past and celebrate what is truly an incredible accomplishment.


It takes consistency to be ELITE.


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Let’s Go Red Wings!

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