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ELITE Launch Update

Phase 2 Coming Soon


You’ve been waiting for the next step, and now it’s almost here!


Here at Elite, we’re working to influence our city through culture. Our mission is to inspire people to believe in themselves, in each other and in Detroit. We strive to empower them with creativity, open-mindedness and dedication in order to build an elite city.


Most companies build brands to sell products. We’re building our brand in order to “sell” ideas. As citizens of a developed society with a saturated market, we look to brands to drive our choices. These choices help shape our own identity. It has become less about the raw utility of the product and more about the identity of the product. Our goal is to use this dynamic to connect with the people of Detroit and drive cultural growth.


We want to make sure that we’re effective in launching the brand, so we’ve broken our launch into three phases. At the conclusion of these phases, the core dynamics will be in place and the project will continue to grow.


We will be launching Phase 2 on Monday August 1st. So stay tuned for more details on the launch plan.


People define themselves by what they wear. Represent a constant effort to better yourself and your community with our locally made high quality model tee. All proceeds go towards building and spreading the culture.


We’re holding a pre-order sale this week, so take advantage of the deal and don’t miss out!



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