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Take Small Bites

Today is the day that all of the gyms fill up with dreams.

People want to improve themselves and be the best they can, so they set ambitious goals. They want to look good in their swimsuit this year. They tell themselves that this is the year that it finally changes — that this is the year they finally follow through.

Somewhere in the back of our heads, we know we’re overstepping our bounds. We know that not much has actually changed, just the number on the calendar.

Still, we press on. We dream on. We want 2017 to be the year it all changes.

We buy new shoes, new clothes and a fancy membership to a fancy gym. However, we forget to make the biggest investment — We forget to invest in our goals.

Our “goals” are ultimate and grandiose. We want this year to be perfect, and that’s our “goal.”

Our goals should be realistic, so our subconscious won’t be filled with doubt and so that we can actually make consistent progress.

It’s OK to have a dream. It’s actually really healthy. However, it needs to be supported by a structure of smaller attainable goals that can be put into action.

Look at the big picture and take small bites.

Make 2017 a year of progress, not perfection.


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