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Do What You Say




You should do what you say. It builds trust.

It gives value to your words and let’s others know they can depend on you. It also allows you to depend on yourself.

When people talk about building trust, they often focus on relationships between people. Thus, they fail to highlight the importance of building a trusting relationship with oneself. One could argue that self-trust is more important. First off, it doesn’t seem to follow that you can truly trust other people without first trusting yourself. In addition, you spend more time with yourself than you do with anyone else. That time should be of the highest quality and with the highest level of honesty possible. This is a fundamental piece of the growing process, and if you fail to be honest with yourself, you open yourself up to be dominated by circumstance.


You should do what you say.  It allows you to take control.

It improves your planning, both formally and informally as you have a better idea of how much will power you have. It also helps grow your will power.

When you are in the habit of making plans that you don’t truly plan to keep, your sense of both time and will power can become blurred. You will lose sight of how long things truly take and big goals begin to seem like a quick burst of effort rather than an all-in commitment. It follows that with a clearer understanding of how much effort things take, we can better gauge our own will power capacity. As we understand how much we can reliably do, we can grow.


You should do what you say.  It feels good.


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